Thursday, September 6, 2018

Sporting Events--REDUX!

I misspoke.
When I was noting that there was only one option at the USOpen Tennis in New York, I had not researched fully.
Actually-- At this year's USOpen there are two fabulous salads from ANGRY TACO [ no clue about that name] which were delicious, fresh and loaded with interesting vegetables. 
Crunchy asparagus tips, wax beans, green beans, toasted pumpkin seeds, baby spinach, radishes and either chicken strips with a light chipolte rub or beef strips with lots of salt. 
These were available at all locations-- and were made carefully with no cross-contamination!
  So, actually there was selection --and wonderful, if hot, tennis to watch.

I'm looking for the correct Open food service team/ department to contact to offer my appreciation and comments.
Glad I could update. 

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