Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Sporting Events-- again!

US OPEN Tennis

This event-- which I love-- comes to my town and takes over--it seems every third person is carrying a racket and wearing tennis whites.  My son and I love to go and wander all the courts for these sweltering last days of August into early September.  Such amazing athletes to watch and such a lovely atmosphere to enjoy... but really really hard to find some safe options to eat!

Yesterday, there was exactly one option-- a lovely salad with veggies and grilled chicken [Farm to Fork].  But one item, from a regular menu, that was safe. 
AND-- let me say that I am GRATEFUL for that one safe option! ***
Sigh... at least there are always safe fries!

I just want to get it out there that sporting events can be tough. Again, it takes planning, and supervision, and that willingness to ask, observe, and WAIT. 

That's how it often goes-- at the burger concession, you can ask that they give you the burger only--no bread, no condiments, and you can wait for that-- but I mean WAIT. It's just that anything different for a food court operation is difficult and needs to be addressed individually-- and there are  literally hundreds of people waiting.
  Of course, in past, I have waited for that burger, and I am grateful for that one option, for that server who takes the time to give me a plain burger.

 But of course, I'm human, and after 25 years, I want my kid to have options, to have a selection, to be able to feel safe easily, without picking through the salad to make sure there's no cheese.

But push through we must, and try to prioritize the good things, the happiness at being together at a great arena or event.  Knowing that  your kid's "I got this" attitude is going to buoy them for their whole lives, not just through food allergies at the US Open.

 ***And, possibly a brisket sandwich, from Hill Country BBQ.  

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