Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Epi pens Auvi-Q

Well the new Auvi-Q epis are really small. And the trainer instructs you -- in a robotic voice--on how to use it. Pretty weird. But honestly it's small and that's a plus for boys who want to slip the meds into a jacket pocket or pants pocket.
About the size of an iPhone. One of them. Picture depicts size next to a deck of cards.
Worth looking into-- though I imagine schools and camps and anywhere one leaves the meds will still request the usual Epi Pen-- that's what staff et al. are trained on and what they know.
I agree with that strategy honestly but I think for kids outside the monitored environments of school, camps, sports then this new Auvi-Q option is good. At least worth a try if insurance will go for it.
Will upload a picture ( I hope!)

Monday, February 11, 2013

DOJ ruling about food allergic kids

So what is everyone thinking about the Lesley College Dept of Justice ruling???
I love that the ruling insists that food allergic kids deserve to have equal access to the social world as well as feeling safe while eating.
This has been an issue at some colleges-- I know from personal, shall we say, experience. And it's painful when a kid feels he or she has to sacrifice sociability to being safe. College,with its " in loco parentis" ideals, should work with a student to achieve those goals. A school should not act as though the student is at fault and should not be antagonistic to the student.
These are kids-- responsible kids-- who are trying to manage a system much larger than themselves. And colleges should Be supportive.
I hope that this DoJ ruling will help schools understand the world a food allergic student must navigate- and help that student through the rough waters.