Tuesday, August 9, 2011

some new food sources

Tried "Viva Mais" a corn cous cous-- actually I thought it was like a coarse polenta--which admittedly I'm not very good at making, but still it wasn't cous cous. I will try it again--possibly as the shell for a pot pie-- which I think could be good, or even an apple and savory dish.
I got this from an online site called Olive Nation which specializes in Italian foods with some gluten free.

Also got some candied orange peel from MarketHall.com This confection was delicious and popped right into the fridge for a cool little tart treat. (As I mentioned had tried in London and liked, so found some closer to home),. Again a good site for many food specialty items--especially candies and candy makings-- but not geared to allergic families.

more soon!

new foods--or rather new ways to cook old foods

our house isn't about new foods-- new preparations is what I meant. Tonight : Pork Chops-- I've been watching a lot of Food Network (OK I;m a masochist since we can't eat anything any chef makes) when I was home recuping from flu.
But back to the Pork Chops: So Bobby Flay or someone dredged their chops in flour and spices before sauteeing.
Well-- I liked that sound of that, so I mixed up a batch of rice flour (bread mix actually from Orgran Quick Bread Mix) and chile powder, and salt and pepper and dredged my chops in that.
In a frying pan I heated olive oil with whole garlic cloves to a nice noisy heat-- and threw the chops in. Quickly they got color and sear on one side and then I turned them. Other side seared, I turned the heat down a little bit and kept an eye on them --turning as necessary for about 20 minutes. and viola, yummy pork chops cooked a little differently from usual. (BTW-- chops were only 1/2 inch thick--so thinnish --that's why only took a short time)
I guess my point here is-- change is good. A little innovation goes a long way when it's hard to really try something new.