Thursday, September 29, 2011

off to college

Off to college-- drop off was good, pouring rain but happy and excited. The first day of orientation brought the "crowbar" ceremony-- you guessed it where the kids and parents separate! and for our family, brought the food services powwow. My kid and the head of food services sat down to make a plan. The food services head also has a daughter with food allergies--so she gets it, which warms my heart.
The plan-- first couple of days not all food stations are up and running, so limited options of burger, salads, grilled chicken and brown rice. not too bad. When all up and running-- there's steamed vegetables, soups, rotisserie chicken a kosher station with options and a gluten free area which may offer some things my kid can eat.
I did not participate-- my son did it all himself. and later in the week, learned that some packaged foods at the mini=mart ten steps from the dorm will work out fine for those snack times and days away from campus.
I think the food is working... but really a bit empty at home!
More on the reality of not cooking ALL THE TIME-- later, when it sinks in.