Monday, August 27, 2012

it's been a while

Sorry I've been out of the blogoshpere.  no excuses at all.
This summer has been one for trying new foods for our family: lentil have been added as has tuna fish (albeit the imported kind without milk products -- check out a tuna label, soy and milk are present in most of the familiar brands--BumbleBee, Chicken of the Sea, store brands.
And there was blueberry jam and duck breast with chives and orange juice.
There was spaghetti sauce-- or if you're Italian, pork gravy-- made with pork neck bones and country ribs, simmered in a garlic and a little olive oil.

i've started using Canola oil --for frying chicken tenders it's great.  It is not heavy and provides lower saturated fats and lots of Omega-6 benefits as well.

There was a taste test --ALL of which had been approved by an allergist and nutritionist --of salmon...
well the smell was too much, although there were no reactions.

So, we've got a couple more items in the larder, to incorporate into everyday meals-- as well as a couple of items that are on the safe list, which means if mushrooms are in the soup, no longer a need to avoid--even if no one likes them enough to put mushroom gravy on the roast.

Second year for college is up coming-- and more on that later.