Sunday, April 11, 2010

been a while--on vacation and took a break. am now refreshed and promising myself to be more timely. Have had my preliminary conversation--via email-- with the summer program my son is attending. far far away--the other coast! and while I feel light years more confident than last year this time, I do need to have the real life conversation and see a menu or two before I'm satisfied.
And I need to have the conversation with my son about -- might be broiled chicken and cold cuts with dull salad for three weeks, but them's the breaks!
I think he'll be OK--just as long as he's not hungry. ugh that's what's getting me.
I have sent my friends an email asking for their ideas, comfort, anti-anxiety strataegies and general good wishes for me at the moment, and hopefully most of them will laugh--they do know my stress levels can go through the roof! and help me out.
Any ideas, or suggestions or comfort from my friends in the ethernet will be greatly appreciated as well! :)