Friday, December 30, 2016

Latkes a la Allergy!

I'm making potatoe latkes and minestrone to honor both my family traditions. 
Here's latkes without egg or wheat or dairy. 
Just potatoes( shredding without ruining a manicure is a feat!)
Onions shredded as well
Salt pepper
And I use Glutino cake and cookie mix to thicken. Or their muffin mix. 
Mix with hands and fry in hot oil-- olive oil for me-- on medium. And try not to " taste test " them all.

The minestrone recipe is in my cookbook. 
Happy and healthy and hopeful New Year to all! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Holidays and food allergy

Happy Merry everything. And a safe and prosperous and hopeful new year to all. 

I love this time of year. I live in a cold climate and the snow can be beautiful ( especially since I'm not traveling) and the smell of pine wafts through the air as the Christmas tree sellers set up on the sidewalks. 
  It's taken a while for me to relax into this season-- which often centers on traditional foods and recipes. And almost ALL of those family dishes are not safe for my son. My family. The feast of the seven fishes-- well. No fish or shellfish. How about "timpana" the italian potato and cheese soufflé. Nope: eggs and cheese. 
Let's see-- what about Marzipan: absolutely not-- no almonds or nuts of any kind. 
  And while it took some time for me to not miss the foods I grew up with, I did realize finally that it was okay to mourn that part of my past I'd given up. It may sound silly to feel like my history is so wrapped up in traditional meals or foods. But it is. And I might as well acknowledge it. And move on. 
  And move on I have. Now we have beef tenderloin for Christmas Day. And, minestrone or slow-cooked pork shoulder for Christmas Eve. And delicious  brownies and sorbet for dessert. 
  Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year to all.