Saturday, June 16, 2012


Well, we're planning a vacation-- so I'll be away from the blog.  We are taking a cruise, which I find is really solid for a food allergic family.  The staff are attentive, and make special dinner; the cross-contamination issue is thoroughly understood-- the salad bars on these ships allow no spillage of the egg slices into the beans... and the lunch buffets always include a carved plain meat and vegetables-- plus there's a burger and fry bar. (and that's the only thing they fry in the fryer)
 dessert poses more of an issue-- there's jello, and I usually bring chocolate and things-- but better than having to bring or cook all the food.
We;re lucky we found this kind of trip-- and have been to Alaska, St Petersberg, Tallin,Caribbean Islands, Mexican ruins, Tivoli Gardens, and Bernuda.
can't wait to see the underground caves...

Saturday, June 9, 2012


The pirate's curse title of this post is because today I was reminded again, that every day is like starting over.  Even with friends who know about your kid's allergy--and have for years-- they have to be reminded, you have to provide food, and all is not copacetic when it comes to parties and BBQs and days in the country.

I'm just venting to my people here who get what I'm saying and feel what I'm feeling. What's the name of that movie where every few minutes the world stars anew, and all old information and memory is gone...
that's what it felt like today...when friends forgot about providing the safe food they usually do, and it just felt crummy.