Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday Parties

+it's been ages I know-- and finally the recipes work again, sorry for the delay and I'll be loading new ones soon-- made a great gumbo (no tomatoes)-- andyes, okra, why is it that men don't like okra?
Well we've had two b-day's for my son this week-- one his friends did, but asked me to make the cake(and get him to the restaurant--hairraising) and tonight the family party. It was great and the layers totally were terrific. I use Duncan Hines dark chocolate frosting-- no nuthing in it and they have removed the
"made in a factory with milk and nut product" from the label... so i guess it's safe now. we have NEVER had an issue.
Also, as many of you have done as well, I was shopping and chatting with other people in the cramped Gluten Free aisle at my specialty market-- and one woman recommended "The Cravings Place" mixes. Only on Amazon on the east coast-- company from Seattle.
Well-- the coffe cake crumble was delicious-- I made coffee cake muffins that are yummy. Bravo to the Cravings Place-- and only need to add water and margarine. (vegan too I think) I will now try some of their other mixes.
Still prefer Gluten Free Pantry to Cherrybrook Farms for yellow cake mix-- but can't beat the Cherrybrook chocolate chip mix (gluten free) .
Yikes enough about dessert-- what about a kid who;s turning 18-- how DID that happen. oh my! Till next time.