Friday, June 3, 2011

summer's here

Summer is here!
Graduation, with its attendant food events, is over. The BBQ for seniors, the Prom, the post grad reception-- all the things that are wonderful and bond the seniors together are also all the things that are hard for my kid to negotiate.
But-- eat beforehand--as I found out that not eating is easier--and more "normal" --than bringing own meal.
Drink something-- but don't eat
Plan ahead with the catering manager or teacher and see what happens...
All of these strategies were employed-- and each situation brought its own spin to the plan.
Overall, I tried to stay out of the way.
Nothing new in our strategies--although perhaps they were new to us.

This summer I will impart cooking basics to my child. not exactly sure what that means yet, but it involves how to roast a chicken and why olive oil is the best.
More soon, when all the graduation momentum and emotion simmers down.