Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Glutino and Sesame and USA requirements

Note well: the actually delicious Glutino gluten free pretzel products are made on the same lines as products with sesame.

That information doesn't have to be on the label -- but buyer beware; trace sesame could be on the pretzel.
As many of us know, in the US, companies have the infamous "may contain" labeling. It can be confusing. It can be frustrating.
And in the US, the "may contain" DOES NOT have to mention sesame. In Canada, sesame is considered an allergen to be included on labels. But not in the US.

I'm returning these Glutino products to the store. When I bought them last night the consumer info lines were closed already, so I couldn't check. But I'm taking no chances.
I mentioned, strongly, to my CS representative at Glutino that management should know that sesame-- even if not a US required label-- should be mentioned --sesame must be included in Canadian labeling -- since the consumers have the same allergies-- it's just the labeling requirements that differ.
Also, Glutino has taken over the GlutenFree Pantry baking products. Glutino intends to keep many formulas the same( although I noticed that "Earth Balance" spread -- a Glutino brand--is suggested for use instead of butter or margarine ).
But read and reread all the ingredients lists -- even though we all do that as a matter of course-- because SOME formulations have changed.
Gotta say, just when you have a great go-to product... Well, it's never dull !