Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Get Over It" or how to grow a great kid

Did anyone read the Vogelstein article in NYTimes magazine about three weeks ago-- about FAT DIET- and epilepsy. Quite interesting about disease and how food is helping very measured and very restricted diet. But kid is stabilized. I had to write him-- partially to let him know that he should not whine so much: his wife quit her job to cook for kid, can't eat birthday cake, planning for events, playdates, sleepovers difficult-- join the club. I told him I fell somewhere between compassion and "get over it." Life is different from what we thought-- well, yeah. And it hurts when your kid can't eat birthday cake-- sure does, and it's your job to puton the brave face and say-- builds character, that's life and you'll be OK and the alternative _-eating the forbidden food-- can really be dangerous and hug and hug and hug.
Sure it stinks, but better than the ER or worse. And, as I did tell him too, the adversity makes our kids stronger, mature, responsible and ready for anything-- not necessarily all great at a young age, but if you've got to deal, at least there's a good outcome...
We're building the leaders and doers of tomorrow (for some of us tomorrow is moving ever closer!)
So cheer up i told him-- our world can inform your world with Bento boxes, nutritionist, support groups and just knowing you're not alone...
Hope I came across as, ultimately, helpful and not snarky-- but really, a lot of us have been dealing for a long time, and one can; one has to!
and now...Guess what I'm doing-- you're right-- thinking what to make for lunch. I've gotten tres boring-- and luckily my kid doesn't have a lot of time for lunch so doesn't notice. soon.