Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cumin, Food Allergies, Ruminations

The FDA has issued warnings to the general Public about cumin and products using Cumin because of the possible Presence of peanuts--a deadly allergen. 
  I am very happy that the FDA took these steps as it will get news coverage and a wider dissemination than all the good food allergy sites. 
  Also, I am glad because it brings into the public eye just how serious food allergies really are. Deadly. 
Something to be taken seriously. 

What I don't understand, still, is how did peanuts get in the spices? Made on the same lines as ground peanut products?
My feeling is that peanuts are a more desired and expensive item than cumin or chili powder. And, I don't know what ground peanuts are used for-- but that's my ignorance and nothing to do with this discussion. 
  If this does speak to "Made on the same lines as..." Then it begs the question who is watching the cleaning processes applied to the factory lines-- for any product-- or should we go back to avoiding "made in same facility" and "made in a plant that also processes..." (many of us do anyway)
The world restricts again

 And, for now,  I just continue to avoid any and all items that include "spices" and settle for salt and pepper and herbs I can buy with the stems still on. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chicken Soup

It's cold outside so I am making a chicken soup with carrots, celery, parsley and a tablespoon of tomato sauce. 
It's hearty and warm-- and I have leftover rice to stir in.