Wednesday, January 2, 2013

College Fried Chicken

Happy New Year!
May it be a peaceful and bright one for all.

The title of this post isn't exactly true-- it's not college fried. It's more like fried chicken for the college student-- which at 1030pm feels like the same thing.
( can you imagine a whole college dorm smelling like fried chicken-- microwave popcorn is 'bad' enough!).
But I love the cooking anyway. I dunk the chicken thighs in Rice Dream to soak, then I dredge in Orgran Easy Bake bread
Mix-- gluten free if course. And today I also used King Arthur gluten free pancake mix ( it has no sugar) mixed in.
Plus plenty of salt and pepper.
Then -- my big secret-- I fry in olive oil! Filipo Berio to be exact. I know all you Southerners are shaking your heads at the poor deluded Northern girl--Italian to boot. But all I can say is --don't knock it till ya try it!
So I use thighs because it takes less time and they're juicy. And a throw in wings for good measure. ( my whole apartment building back stairway smells sooo good.)
Enough, I'm getting hungry again!
I'm going to try to upload a picture -- hmmm we'll see. Techno girl I'm not.
Happy new year again!