Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gluten Free Products We Love

  • Pasta:
    Le Veneziane: corn and tastes like DeCecco--really good
Tinkyada: rice pasta  which is quite good, if starchy 

I personally do not like the texture of DeBoles

  • Crackers:
Orgran Brand 
Crispbreads-- like Melba toast-- come in rice and corn-- 


I like the garlic and onion ones, but all are good-- I serve all the time

Crunchmasters Crisps 
We like the cinnamon ones-- great for kids-- (we can't use the cheese ones) 

breadsticks are terrific-- can buy in lots of grocery chains-- we can't eat the other products, but bet they're good 
  • Applegate Farm Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets
  • Heaven Mills Pita Bread     and it's Kosher!
  • Enjoy Life cookies and granola are really good-- we use there "energy" bars too  
  • Mixes
Gluten-Free Pantry or Glutino 
Corn bread, Sandwhich Bread, Cake Mix, brownie mix, muffin mix 
the Glutino pretzels are great tasting but could have sesame 

CherryBrook Farms 
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookies good mix 


Stretch Island fruit leathers 
Swedish Fish 

We use a lot of Vermont Nut Free Chocolate-- which has the advantage of being gluten free too