Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fried Chicken

it's 7:00 . Your teen walks in after tennis practice, saying "I don;'t know why but I'm craving fried chicken."
Well so much for hamburgers and roasted acorn squash.
I get out a 2 quart pot, start pouring the oil (OK so it's olive oil, I'm Italian it's all I had enough of)
and get it going on low. (that way it won't burn)
Then I grab my Orgran gluten-free sandwich bread mix-- pour that in a bowl with lots and lots of salt and pepper. I'm ready to go.
I coat the chicken pieces (I used thighs and wings)
and into the "fryer" --via tongs--they go. BTW--the oil is hot enough if a drop of water sizzles and "boils"
One thigh at a time, but two wings-- give 'em room. and turn up the heat a bit.
6-7 minutes a "side" I tong them out-- and put on a plate with paper towels... it's hot so let it sit a bit.
They look super crispy and smell heavenly (my whole building will smell heavenly!)
Yummy-- the recipe for a happy kid (and, if tired, mom)