Sunday, January 8, 2017

New year!

A week into the new year and I am still learning the lessons of the past: let go and watch your children take charge. 
  It's a humbling lesson sometimes as they negotiate a restaurant meal and come up with something far better than you could have imagined. 
Or watch them "pre-game"-- which we all call eating beforehand-- for a party that may not serve something safe. 
 Or, as has happened at my house, the gracious " no worries" when my cocktail party planning includes only one or two items safe for my kid. 
 Let's hope that this year brings new highs in food allergy-- already with the news that by introducing peanuts early in an infant's diet it may lead to possible less potential  peanut allergies (more on this later). 
 I look forward to more good sharing of our strength and stories.