Tuesday, May 10, 2022

It's been a minute-- but it's Food Allergy Awareness Week



 I'm listening to FARE leaders Anne Thompson and Denise Bunning talk about 25 years of their support group.  Without support-- we are nothing.  And these two women really did the work of writing Food Allergy Plans in schools, and legislation in DC, and generally generating good will and information for all with food allergy.

 We are still working --but kids who have food allergies know they have support and that they are not alone. Life with food allergy is not easy-- but it's SO doable and it's a great way to make friends who will have your back forever.

We still need to navigate food allergies-- but there are so many food options, and so many people who understand the gravity of food allergies these days.

take at look at these websites-- resources galore!



I'll be back with recipes and experiences to share-- there's so much we can share together-- and remember food allergies can be challenge OF COURSE--but it's also an opportunity to show how smart, how resourceful, how powerful we can be --together!