Sunday, December 27, 2009

two days after Christmas-- wow had a great one, and now, it's Sunday and back to work, allergist appt and nutritionist tomorrow, and who knows what that brings. I get anxious that the doctors will take away a food or suggest that I don't use something I now cling to. Once I had to eliminate peas from our diets--and once it was chickpeas. the list narrows... --and who am I to talk--i just have to cook. If the list narrows any more, it's my son who suffers.
but perhaps we will find out that the numbers support lesser worrying about accidents--that if he ate a piece of meat that had touched cheese he would be ok.

been baking -- my usual lame baking, a small one layer cake with frosting that tastes really good, even a day or two old. and some Cherybrook Kitchen brownies--that I make as a chocolate cake, which I was just told is "too chocolatey"! oh well
Happy New Year to all- let's make it a good one.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas Eve--I love Christmas, growing up I had wonderful Christmases. Family.Big Seven fishes feasts with immediate family and my uncle Peter coming to check what kind of tomatoes my mother was using-- they never used the same type and always mock-argued about it. My mother was a phenomenal cook-- squid sauce, clams oreganata, fried calamari-- my mother could fry like noblody's business. Fried broccolli, fried smelts fried cauliflower... wow

Christmas Eve this year we are going out to dinner at a French bistro in our neighborhood with brothers -in-law--their neighborhood too, since all three of my husband's family lives in a three-block radius. ahh NYC. We love it.

No fish tonight, and probably just as well, since my cooking isn't up to that kind of task. It's in my blood, but not in my heart tonight. Tonight, maybe I'll have a token fish--
the reason by the way for fishes was that in Italain-Catholic (OK I;m not a Catholic, but that;s where it comes from) lore, you "fast" before midnight--hence fish -- and have meat after midnight! ( ya gotta love Italians, where "fasting" means eating fish and not doing without food!)

The city is white with snow and lots of ice, spent an hour in the fabulous grocery Zabars laughing with all the other patrons as we waited for our sliced meats and specialty items. I was number 86 in --and when I got there they were up to number 55! But fun atmosphere.
It's true-- It's a wonderful time of year.
Enjoy everyone--whatever faith you are-- it's a time for happiness and sharing and family and vacation from school--and fun. So enjoy my friends out there !