Thursday, April 30, 2009

hey all of you out there--it's 10PM and not only do I know where my children are--I'm still cooking!!!
Tomorrow's lunch menu will be sliced pork, cooked carrotts, and brown rice bread with an applesauce and an energy bar for afternoon sports... the bread mix is new, and never gets unsoggy in the middle so I have to brown it in the broiler every morning before it pops in the lunch pack. what happened to Orgran Quick White Bread??? I loved that--so easy and never even needed egg substitutes. I am not a "let's go in the kitchen and bake some bread" kind of gal--so that Quick Mix was awesome for me...oh well...
gotta get the pork off the stove.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Went to a terrific food allergy luncheon today--that is a luncheon to raise money for a food allergy organization. Five hundred women--mostly--in the same room all for a common cause. Very moving and made me feel very Helen Reddy: I am Woman, hear me roar.
also, the sheer number of people there connected to someone with a food allergy really brings into sharper focus the rise in food allergies in the last 15-20 years. Most of the moms had little kids--and mine's a teenager. The increase is real; I didn't know but a few other food allergic families--and now there were 500 in one room. Granted this was in support of an organization, but the numbers are growing. And, the vast difference between now and when I had a young 'un is awareness. The public at large is more aware of food allergies (and the danger of them) than even 10 years ago. Thank goodness.
So, I will think on this large network that's out there, ready to raise awareness even more through education and ready to reach out a hand to help.

Friday, April 17, 2009

hope everyone's well out there. Just been thinking about the phenomenon that I call the "cold food" phenom. I am so happy sometimes that a camp/school/party can feed my kid, that I don't ask for them to do the nice things--like heat up the food I send-- or vary the menu from chicken and rice. I accept what's offered and don't push, because so often there's nothing offered. I'll hang up the phone and realize that I just OKayed a cold meal right from the pack I sent --because so often things do NOT go as you have carefully planned.
on the other hand, we went to dinner at family this week--and the cook called about all the ingredients, made only food my kid could eat and lots of variety--so I guess the moral is, take the good with the cold.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Been reading a few articles about food allergies, and while I like that food allergies are in the media, the slant that many of the pieces take is too negative for me. "oh woe is me" is not my kind of attitude. I surely know the extra effort food allergies take --with travel or for school and the stress food allergies add to everyday life. Call me Pollyanna here, but life is good. Spring comes, flowers bloom (alright so that comes with itchy eyes and runny noses...) our kids are learning to fend for themselves and we are more creative in our approach to life. see ya soon.