Monday, October 17, 2011

college part II/ cross contamination

I've been thinking lately about how much is too much: cross contamination-- how can we measure the degree to which some individuals will react? Will one child get hives, another go into anaphylaxis if there the hamburgers and cheeseburgers touch each other in the serving tray? And how does one negotiate life like that? Not knowing, and responsibly not touching. It's hard, and it would improve the quality of life for many if the cross contamination issue would be re-examined. When kids are little, then the strictness needs to be enforced to make checking a habit-- but as these kids get older, is there a way to safely and responsibly NOT worry as much about cross contam? Can the hamburger touch the cheeseburger for some young adults and not cause a problem? Can the fryer work both French fries and onion rings, and not cause a wheat reaction?
don't know but would like some opinions, especially as our kids go out into the world themselves.