Tuesday, August 9, 2011

new foods--or rather new ways to cook old foods

our house isn't about new foods-- new preparations is what I meant. Tonight : Pork Chops-- I've been watching a lot of Food Network (OK I;m a masochist since we can't eat anything any chef makes) when I was home recuping from flu.
But back to the Pork Chops: So Bobby Flay or someone dredged their chops in flour and spices before sauteeing.
Well-- I liked that sound of that, so I mixed up a batch of rice flour (bread mix actually from Orgran Quick Bread Mix) and chile powder, and salt and pepper and dredged my chops in that.
In a frying pan I heated olive oil with whole garlic cloves to a nice noisy heat-- and threw the chops in. Quickly they got color and sear on one side and then I turned them. Other side seared, I turned the heat down a little bit and kept an eye on them --turning as necessary for about 20 minutes. and viola, yummy pork chops cooked a little differently from usual. (BTW-- chops were only 1/2 inch thick--so thinnish --that's why only took a short time)
I guess my point here is-- change is good. A little innovation goes a long way when it's hard to really try something new.

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