Thursday, July 21, 2011

Travel and other related stuff

We traveled for a graduation present-- on a Baltic cruise which was fabulous.
As I've mentioned before, I like cruises because the dining managers prepare food specially for my son, off the regular menu, but with crudite to start and plain salads etc.
As always we got a menu the night before and made his choices, and invariably it was correct and delicious. Lamb chops, steak, quail! and steamed veggies and lots of various potatos- baked, fried, boiled, etc. plus rice .
Also on cruises there is a carving station at lunch or burgers all day. The salad bars are clean and neat with offerings like lettuces, carrots, beets, olives, peppers etc. so really great since my son can get food as he needs for his growing active life.

On full day tours we arranged food at restaurants or made do with bars I had brought and veggies. Usually, we found that we could find simple things --not as many fillers or use of dairy or sauces in the countries we visited.

AND there were great opportunities to try foods-- yup he tried hot borscht (yummy beets, onions, broth and some pork strips) --we had inquired about the ingredients which as tourists they were only to happy to share with us.
or potato soup in Germany-- potatoes and veggies in a clear broth-- delicious on a chilly rainy day in Berlin.
Or candied orange peel in London where a savvy waitress noted his asking for his food plain, asked about allergies, and brought the orange peel when she brought the complementary mini cookies after dinner. separate plate just for him. VERRRY nice and classy too.
So we enjoyed, saw lots of amazing places and met lots of great people, who were helpful and kind and interested in understanding the issues we faced.
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