Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Epi pens Auvi-Q

Well the new Auvi-Q epis are really small. And the trainer instructs you -- in a robotic voice--on how to use it. Pretty weird. But honestly it's small and that's a plus for boys who want to slip the meds into a jacket pocket or pants pocket.
About the size of an iPhone. One of them. Picture depicts size next to a deck of cards.
Worth looking into-- though I imagine schools and camps and anywhere one leaves the meds will still request the usual Epi Pen-- that's what staff et al. are trained on and what they know.
I agree with that strategy honestly but I think for kids outside the monitored environments of school, camps, sports then this new Auvi-Q option is good. At least worth a try if insurance will go for it.
Will upload a picture ( I hope!)

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