Thursday, October 25, 2018

FARE TEEN SUMMIT and FARECon coming up!

As always, I am looking forward to seeing my 'people" at the Teen Summit! I hear it's 500 strong for the kids this year-- which is tenfold from when it started over 10 years ago! which is great!
There's so many great symposia from:
Innovation Tank-- where teens share their very creative ideas for products to help themselves and others in this food allergy world-- to industry experts trying to answer our questions about cross contamination on food lines and why ingredients change year to year.

But, as always, the greatest part is the community.  The give and take and TALK among the parents about how DO you send food to Camp.  Or make a gluten free eggless birthday cake that travels well. or how to ask relatives to NOT make anything unsafe-- or simply laughing at your worst flops-- like that cake I made that literally was liquid inside... ewww.

 And the sounds of happy kids finding friends for the weekend or BFFs who share not only food allergies-- but interests in music and clothes and dating and video games and sports and rebellion and school and reading and --well, you get the point! Food Allergies are there-- but they ain't the only thing in the room!
We always say:
We're All In This TOGETHER!
Hope to see you in DC!

And--Happy Halloween-- stockpile those Smarties and Twizzler packets and lots of stickers to hand out! Or get ready with change to "ransom" your kid's milk, nut and other unsafe booty! Have a safe and fun time--

More for Thanksgiving and a FARECon sum-up, next time!

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