Friday, April 27, 2012

Food Allergy Luncheon

Isn't great to get together with friends WHO GET IT!

-what a relief to be with people who get it, who believe you, who understand that the slightest bit can be harmful, and who are full of positive energy, and recipes, and tips on how to get through the rough spots.

At the amazing Food Allergy Initiative lunch ( I saw a moving video of teens talking about their allergies and how they'll feel when they go away from home:
One cute guy said: I'll have better things to worry about than my allergies-- like my classes. 
And one young teen said: I'm so lucky to be a girl-- we get to have a great fashion accessory to carry our Epi-Pens and Benedryl...
Is that the best!

And this week I spent time with friends who both have sons going off to college-- and we talked about what to bring, how much to text in the first week, when to cry (and when not to) as well as
I told them I send bulk items from Amazon-- this week I sent Enjoy Life CocoLoco Chewy bars --and to get  free shipping I added a bubble gun.  It's Spring--what kid doesn't want a bubble gun!
 And they told me that the new Rice Chex cereal is good, and I told them that the blue Peeps have milk-- FYI only the yellow chicks don't-- 
THEY GET IT-- and it buoys me up every time.

So whether it's a support group with regular meetings; reading a food allergy blog; going to a conference or a luncheon or just calling a friend-- food allergies are much more manageable with  people who get it.  

 Reaction alert -- Kingsmill Brown Rice bread-- even tho the listed ingredients were fine, and when I called the customer service line--they confirmed all ingredients.
   I  have to say the Kingsmill/PaneRiso people were great on the phone.
The woman read all the ingredients, including trace; looked up what kind of "caramel coloring" they use (dairy free and all natural) and even looked up what the cellulose is (made from denatured tree bark....)
Son was fine-- but won't eat that bread again.


  1. Hai, i have a 4 yr old with lot of allergies. He can eat rice,soy,meat. Can you suggest me some snack and juice for him. Presently he eats rice chex and brown rice cake. He drinks organic apple juice from gerber. My son has asthma which can be induced by,dust,cold,pollen. I dedicated my 24/7 to my son,coping up with his allergies,discovering foods from shops,inventing new recipes. Some times it's frustrating(hope u know the extend) but I hv to keep it going. I get comfort from your blog. thanx for reading. Take care.

    1. how about tofu as a healthful snack-- there is Ricera "yogurt" but sometimes hard to find. Motts or store brand applesauce "natural" is just applesauce and there are apple spreads or butters that are just apples and water. They go well on rice cakes.
      Hain's makes mini-rice cakes (plain) that vary the snacking and come in a smaller pack like chips.
      look at FAAN marketplace and your allergist/nutritionist

  2. We read your post on the FAAN blog. We would love to send your son one of his first college care packages...we make sunbutter and jelly sandwiches! All your son would have to do is pop one out of the freezer and pop in his backpack. This one fits a college budget-it's on me!
    Email me if you're interested (; visit us on facebook


    1. you are so nice to suggest this-- allergic to wheat and sunflower seeds... but checked out your site and great for shipping for those not allergic
      thanks for the kind thought

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    1. we wish your son the best as he begins his college experience. And best to you as well!