Monday, April 16, 2012


In my city it's summer-- should only be spring, but it's summer with a high of 82 and humidity-- means lots of flowers and people in shorts-- and gets me thinking of summer foods-- and my goal to learn how to make a good granita (crushed coffee ices like in Italy) and fruit sorbet. I am looking for good recipes-- and easy too-- I am not very skilled at desserts- but maybe I'll have better luck with icey things than baked goods.

And, a small victory-- the mini marts at my son's college will now start selling plain rice cakes--a favorite snack of his.
Why is that a victory-- because before now these marts only sold "popcorn' or 'caramel' flavors-- the popular flavors. But my son advocated, and the dining services people listened and worked on it and found a supplier to provide these 'less popular' plain brown- rice cakes that are safe for him.
I'm curious if these rice cakes will be less popular, knowing that healthy snacks and whole grains are all the rage--for only the best reasons-- among everyone, college students included.

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  1. Great snacks are great at any age! I hope you like my better half's brand new book rhyming picture book about food allergies - The Girl Who Cannot Eat Peanut Butter