Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year everyone-- I imagine a great year with lots of new adventures and fun awaiting me and my family. And--let's make a difference this year.
Ours was a lovely New Year's Eve--our house, friends, fun, food and fireworks courtesy of NYC. Very very nice. made my chicken drummys recipe--and hike up the heat to 400 degrees for that first 30 minutes! I will change on recipes, but really need to get it higher faster.
Thinking about the new year and trying to establish the parameters of what makes quality of life so different for food-allergic people: lack of control over environment (as much as we try) loss of choice, ineffability of the allergy--that absolute hard and fastness of the allergy as it stretches across time and into every space...
Well, that wasn't exactly uplifting! enough for now--out into the almost snowy very cold day.

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