Sunday, October 25, 2009

teen summit here we come

OH man--just finsihed a post and hit the wrong button and whammo it's gone!
what i was saying was that I finally finished my presentation for the FAAN* Teen Summit
(*Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network) which is in DC in a couple of weeks. 100 teens and parental units gather for separate, but totally amazing, weekend of presentations, improvs, and plain old camraderie! It is so great to be in a room where everyone gets it when you say: just a minute --does that hamburger have cheese--or could you move those peanuts...
It is great--in fact life-changing --as you see kids who thought they were alone, open up when they realize everyone in the room is just like them!
yes, I'm teary eyed just thinking about it. Great for parents too as we laugh about the eye-rolls in restaurants when we ask our questions, or how we pack for airplane trips, or what type of gluten-free cookies do we buy--it's great!!!
next year in DC!

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