Thursday, October 8, 2009

9:49--about to make lunch-- still am not making lunches to write home about. meat, lettuce, some sort of carb and some cut up vegetables...
Found a website called the Happy Tiffin where you can purchase Bento boxes--or layered stainless tins that latch onto one another --to make a cute lunchpail type thingey. I want to get some --seems like you could put chicken and rice or stew or mixed salads in those and better than using baggies.
I guess I'm coming to these late in the game, but a friend of mine whose son is also allergic, is of Japanese descent and she pointed out the places to get these--before that all i knew was that the Chinese store on Canal Street sold plastic ones--but they were small and appetites were large.
enjoy the three day weekend! off to a playoff game tomorrow--go NY.

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