Monday, November 9, 2009

Teen Summit is this weekend in Arlington-- 100 teens and parents gathered to think about, talk about, laugh about, vent about food allergies-- it's great!
was a good mom this weekend and made an individual sized cake so my teen would have something --we were hosting a 101st (yup!) birthday for great grandma-- she was loving every little minute of it--and the cake was beautiful--as was the individual one I made! so win win . Great Grandma blew out her candles (no not 101 of them) and my teen got a whole cake to himself--which I am pleased to say he did not eat all at once.
some days things are easier, some days things stink. Stinky day: Cafeteria served ribs and fries the other day--well I make that at home, but can't eat at school, and my son said that it's harder when the food served is something that he can eat(if I make it) and smells wonderful to boot. just want to rip phone books in half in frustration. These allergies are so random and so pervasive --that it just stinks. Stinks on ice is what my mom used to say!
gotta stop, barking dog downstairs is making me n u t s-- or since no nuts at our house, should I say crazy!

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