Monday, August 23, 2010

how you feeling????

Not been writing for a while-- busy on my cookbook--THAT NO ONE WILL ACQUIRE. If anyone knows a publisher out there looking for a great everyday allergy cookbook-- let me know!
I've gotten some nice comments and mostly some notes on how the marketplace is too niche ... but this is a great product, and crosses the line away from allergy too-- since the food's family oriented and made with regular (read "non-health-food -store- only") ingredients.
oh well, will keep on getting out there to hawk it. :)


  1. Maybe consider self-publishing?

    I certainly don't think there are too many allergy-friendly cookbooks out there. I think there's room for lots more!

  2. If I happen to stumble onto someone, I'll let you know. I would think there is a market for your book. But nowadays, publishers are intent on "sure things," i.e. cookbooks by celebrities. Puh-lease!