Sunday, May 23, 2010

Packable, Easy to Find Individual Items

I'm going to list :
Minute Rice "ready to Serve" rice (2 pack; microwaveable)
Motts Applesauces
Jello cups
Cranberry (in raisin like packages)
Enjoy Life cookie packs (2 little cookies each, but eminently packable for lunch)
Cereals in a cup: Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops-- many 7-11s have them (convenience store in NE)
Instant cereals: Oatmeal and Grits-- makes for a great snack and most hotels have coffee pots that one can use for making hot water
Baby Food in jars-- don't laugh, they are terrific for older kids as well-- lots of nutrients and easy to carry around
Rice Dream in individual "juice" boxes-- protein in a box, plus a drink
Rice cakes
Enjoy Life Protein bars

Oh-- and I recently went "shopping" at a chain drugstore that has some food items: We can't eat yogurt, but they had, in their refrigerator section:
  • fresh salads in containers
  • individual containers for cut up vegetables
  • containers of cold Jello cubes
  • deli meats in packages

I did very nicely!

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