Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the FAAN conference in Tarrytown was great-- so many people who GET IT and great people to meet and exchange stories with. Didn't hurt that my 17 yr old rocked the place with his presentation on how to eat out at restaurants--even with his laundry list of allergens.
Met people who make the walks happen, support group leaders, funny parents and scared parents, all sorts of folk who want to make this work.
heard about Daiya "cheese" a vegan product which actually melts!
felt great being among friends and community and all the amazing people from FAAN--you know who you are.
look for more on : small packable prepackeaged foods... question I got and wasn't on the top of my game to answer.


  1. Hi, saw your presentation in Tarrytown, You and your son did a terrific job!

    On pre-packaged foods -- I have a snack series that I run over at http://www.learningtoeatallergyfree.com where I review allergen-free (free of the top 8) packaged snacks.

  2. Thanks for the nice words-- and I'm looking up that site right now-- great