Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well it's sumertime again--just kidding, but it is time to investigate summer programs for teens and just when one sounded really fun--friends going, fun program--whammo. The program can't provide meals for food allergies. Usually I would try to figure out a way, but this administrator was honest and honestly did not feel that the meals would work out well or safely, and I felt that a teenager shouldn't have all the responsibility of making meals or finding food--it's summer for pete's sake. So I hung up the phone feeling crushed. I felt angry that I had not called before my teen got interested-- that would have saved some heartache. Lots of anger --frustration--disappointment followed.
We always say that allergies shouldn't define these kids, shouldn't stop them from doing things,. Well, in reality, the allergies CAN redirect them, CAN even stop them in their tracks.

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