Monday, January 26, 2009

weathered a few storms this week. class trip --lots of preparing foods, but the director of food services (lots of emails to him too!) was great and my teen got the meals I cooked, served hot on a plate with the other kids--you all know what a victory that is. I made lunches and dinners, put each meal in a zippered plastic baggie and labelled it with a name, meal time and school name (just in case). The biggest challenge was the third day when lunch was on the bus--thank goodness for prosciutto--stays delicious while refrigerated or not. that and individual applesauces. whew.

And and overnight debate trip that only meant two meals to store. What I think is a riot is on Sunday, we were going out to lunch with old friends who suggested a burger and fries place which is great for us--easy to eat a burger without bun and fries were purportedly great. Well my teen --who with the debate group had gone to a TGIFridays at midnight and ordered a burger and fries--my teen went nuts about how possibly unsafe the lunch place was (I had asked about dedicated fryers) and how it's tough to try a new place!!! Ah the teenage years.

I was glad about the "Fridays " dinner-- spontaneity is what is so hard with allergies --and the camaraderie of it. I suppose I should have anticipated the spillover anxiety/ tiredness the next day. Live and learn . Hope all's well out there with you.

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