Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Homemade EASY candy

I have found a way to cheat on making homemade candy for my food allergic folks.
It's easy -=- but it helps to have the right "equipment"-- which in this case is:

  •  WILTON's ceramic candy melting cups-- available at Michael's crafts stores/ Joann's for under $12.00.  
  • Vermont Nut Free semisweet chocolate chips [in baking products section]
  • Vermont Nut Free dark chocolate candies [coins are what I use]
  • mini cupcake liner cups -- I like the foil ones
  • mini cupcake baking pan-- OPTIONAL 

So, I set up the little gold foil cup liners in my mini-cupcake pan. Then I melted the two kinds of chocolate together, exactly as the directions on the Melting Cups said.
While the chocolates were melting, I put a mini marshmallow or two in each foil cup-- it actually cuts the sweetness.  When the chocolate was pourable, I poured enough to half-way full for each foil cup-- and put it all in the fridge.
About an hour later... handmade, homemade candy-- which everyone loved.  and the gold foil cupcake holders (minis) made the treat a little more fun.

Happy Easter!

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