Friday, June 30, 2017

Good Things with Food Allergies

It's been forever, I know. Life gets like that as we all know. 
Good things: someone made a cassoulet for us that was the centerpiece of a great dinner party. And all was well; the cook thought it was no big deal-- AND it was delicious!
  Restaurants have been easier-- sometimes with allergen guides; sometimes with just maturity and experience. 
  Sometimes there's one safe thing on the menu then out-of-the-blue "Boom!" Someone else's dish is safe and they're going to share!
    Of course, there's still nights when work leads to drinks out and then an event-- and all of a sudden it's 10:00 and my kid has had a hard cider and maybe some french fries-- but sometimes that's okay. Especially if the company's good!
  As we always say in my family-- and rememebr we're Jewish on one side and Italian on the other, so food counts!--but as we always say: it's not WHAT's on the table but WHO's at the table that's important. 

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