Thursday, August 11, 2016

School days are right around the corner.

I have a friend who always gets anxious right about now. She has trouble enjoying the end of summer because she knows come Labor Day, school starts again. 
 And with school comes planning. And Pre-planning. Parties and lunches and debate nights and sports weekends. And study groups and college visits and parties and class trips and late games and weekend tournaments. 
  Every September it all begins again-- especially the worry. 
  Well, I can't say there isn't worry.  And I can't even say there isn't a whole heck of a lot of planning and preparing. But I can say: it's worth it. 
  We are modeling how to live in the real world for our food allergic kids. Be it second grade cupcakes or college visits. They're going to have to keep themselves safe -- be it packing something special just for themselves or figuring out which restaurants in a new city can accommodate their needs. 
  And they'll know how to keep themselves safe and happy from our example. They are watching us ask the questions. Make the lists. And be the naggy mom reminding them to take their Epi-pens and have a snack. 
   They are watching us prepare for all the  activities, parties, events and everyday days. And they are watching us --so they know that no one does this alone. We all ask for help from teachers. From friends. From parents. From administrators. From our FA community. We reach out and ask: what should I bring to the swim meet? Or for the Model UN weekend? Or how can my kid eat lunch at the cafeteria?  Or maybe just : hey, I'm overwhelmed, anybody got a tissue?
   And people come through. {okay--We've all bumped up against those folks who say Yes Yes Yes. And do nothing. But your kids know how to deal with them too--because you've shown them how. }
    So for all the anxious moments as the school year approaches. For all the planning and preparing and gearing up-- let's not forget that we are demonstrating every day to our kids that "we're all in this together. That "we can do this. " That they can do this. 
  And they can!

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