Sunday, July 10, 2016

Newly Diagnosed with Food Allergies? It gets better

I remember sitting in the lobby of a large hospital complex in a city not my own totally exhausted trying to process the news the pediatric allergist had just leveled at us. My 18-month old son was allergic to: Dairy. Eggs. Tree nuts. Peanuts. Fish. Shellfish. Wheat. Soy. And sesame. And chickpeas. And melon and and and and and. The list just kept going. 

  I was stunned.  What can he eat?
 And, while that was the very last time I asked that question, it was actually a really good way to start taking charge of food allergies. 
1. Make a list of what your child can eat. 
Everything else follows. 
2. Remember you're not alone -- there's a tribe of us out there, eager to share our experiences. 
3. You can do this-- mainly because you have to, but also because you can.

And Happy Fourth of July! 

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