Saturday, December 19, 2015

Holidays, Celebrations, Food Allergies

I used to fret abut what to make for the holidays.  I'm italian and growing up we had Chriatmas Eve feasts with way more than seven fishes. And it was glorious-- company, singing, and lots of washing up. I transferred the tradition to my home, though not as elaborate ( my mom was a wonderful cook) but there was still company and fishes. 
  Then, I decided I didn't want to follow my Italian roots in a way my son-- and thereby my husband and I-- couldn't fully enjoy. 
   So I started making a roast-- sometimes leg of lamb, sometimes pot roast. Christmas Day traditionally we have a turkey -- easy and good for picking on that loose Christmastime schedule. 
  Do I feel badly about the shift-- no! I do occasionally miss fried smelts and the 
Taste of crab sauce. I won't lie. But I also occasionally miss being 21.  
 The parts of my Christmas tradition that stay the same-- company, laughter, good food, family-- are the important memories. And, 
     Now... I started making slow cooked pork shoulder... And a new tradition was born. 
Not only does a pork roast taste delicious as we pull slices from the bone-- not only does it taste good--it smells wonderful wafting through the house with the scent of pine. 
 Happy Merry everyone! Enjoy your family and friends and the traditions that you are newly making and remember it's not what's on the table, but who's at the table that matters. 

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