Saturday, September 27, 2014

Food Allergy Beware

So I've been doing some research on hamburger buns at sporting arenas. 
Yup-- hamburger buns at sporting arenas. 
Isn't everybody researching that?
  As of September, my son can add wheat into his diet (yay) and end-of- summer means the US Open Tennis championships and lots of baseball. So... I was calling around. 
  At the US Open, Levy Restaurants -- Chicago based-- runs the concessions.  In hope of getting a burger with bun at our all- day outing, having been greenlighted on Wednesday at 5, I called Levy headquarters. Even in Central time it was still awfully close to closing, and the operator who helped me was respectful of my need for an ingredient list and promised to reach out to their vendors. 
 By noon Thursday- less than 12 hours later!--I had an ingredients list in hand! And my son and I had burgers for lunch!

Ditto "shout out" to the food services manager at Yankee Stadium who gave me his cell phone number and sent me the hamburger bun ingredients.  
( no luck at Yankee--sesame seeds in the hamburger buns-- which my contact told me as soon as I asked for a list) 
  The point here is WOW people are really nice and helpful. And, as I noted to various supervisors, these folks were respectful of  food allergy needs and knowledgeable about their dangers. 
 So I encourage parents to call and inquire and get all the help you can from these helpful restaurant suppliers.

As for the BEWARE note:
Brand name chain restaurants may not use the same products in their stores as they use at a stadium or arena. 
Case in point: Johnny Rockets: the buns and burger ingredients listed on the website are ONLY for the restaurants. At stadiums--Yankee Stadium, for instance--Johnny Rockets is supplied by an outside vendor, and the ingredients are different. 
And use the parents' best defense: our mouths! Ask a lot of questions and expect the best from people. 

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