Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Food allergy: Bread bread bread

My hometown paper-- okay it's the NYTimes--had a special Dining section on bread today. Nine pages of luscious pictures, recipes, directions to artisanal bakeries making Old World specialties and New World techniques. 
  And every page a reminder of what is off limits in our house. What makes my kid turn pale and lethargic and throw up. 
   I know--I'm usually the optimistic one, the solution finder, the person who makes damn good lemonade-- but today all I felt was rising frustration at the very plain limitations of food allergies. 
 I know that anger saps one's strength and frustration clouds my vision-- but there it is. Nine pages of food shouting "Do Not Trespass" " Stop, Do Not pass Go" "Off Limits. "
 In past, I'd  rev up the mixmaster and bake my own. But today I'm going to sit with these feelings and see what rises. 

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