Saturday, March 8, 2014

Traveling Allergy Free... A lighter note

So did I tell you the one about me and airline security and a tub of frosting???
Or should I say chocolate plastique...

Heading off to see my son at college I packed up my three items of clothing, an extra pair of boots, and, of course, fried chicken and a birthday cake. 
And frosting. 
In past, I've been stopped for Epi-pens and one-serving applesauces. But that was years ago. So when the lovely TSA guard pulled my bag off the line and asked me to step over, I was confused.  She was joking around and very nice -- especially considering we were flying after one of those snowpocalypse days where hundreds of flights had been cancelled. She opened my suitcase and saw the fried chicken-- laughing that I must be going to see a kid. Then she saw the tin foil frisbee-like object-- the cake all wrapped up and started really laughing. Then, she rooted around keeping her eye on the X-ray and pulled out my tub of chocolate frosting like a prize. Oh dumb me-- I totally forgot that I had the frosting,  that it was a " gel" and that it was way over the 3.4 oz limit. My TSA guard had tears she was laughing so hard-- saying how delicious their lunches  would be topped with frosting. I felt so silly--and as she swiped it down with the tape that detects explosives, I told her stop. Her job was done-- I could easily buy another $1.99 tub of frosting and she could have this one  for show and tell in the break room! Silly traveler tricks. 
  So now my family thinks it's uproariously funny to discuss my "chocolate plastique" airport episode. Maybe they're right!

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