Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Traveling and food allergies.

Ok. I'm a bad traveler. Have been, but as time goes on, I'm worse. People ask if it's because my child is food allergic. No. It's not. It's me. 
 But enough about me: 
As for food allergic traveling-- pack a lot for the actual journey. And I often ship a box of staples-- rice cakes, safe chocolate, candy, energy bars, baggies, cereal 
So the chocolate and candy are because it's extremely tough for us to find dessert like items for my son. Possibly sorbet-- but that's tough too sometimes. 
As for baggies: I often go to the supermarket when I get to a city and buy some foods-- for snacks, for meal supplements-- and it helps to have a way to carry around these foods!
  I also request a refrigerator and that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. But honestly if it doesn't-- there's always an ice bucket and the mini bar: often one can speak to the front desk and explain that you need the minibar fridge and aren't really drinking all that teeny liquor and binging on the snacks. 
 And, as I often say about meals: it's who's at the table not what's on it. And traveling is much the same: it's about new cultures, art, other ways of life, and experiencing it all with family. 

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