Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dealing with Everyday Life

So over last weekend at the Teen Summit I met and chatted and laughed with many other moms and dads about food allergies and how to deal with everyday life. 
 And one note that struck me was that ALL of us had something, some food, that was perfectly safe and fine for our kid-- but that wouldn't fall under " best practices. "
For example: one mom told me her kid ate fast food fries from one place that supposedly has " may contain trace amounts of..." On the ingredient list. Has always been safe -- before the labeling and after-- so  she will continue to eat it-- expands the limited possibilities. 
 And another mom said:" we have peanut butter in the house, and the younger kid takes PB&J for lunch-- but we use a different  counter, separate utensils and only make it when older allergic one is in another room. "
    Concessions are necessary, I think, to keep us sane. If my child has not had a reaction to a diner hamburger in the hundreds of times he's eaten at different diners, I'm going to go with it -- and believe them when they say the burgers are not cooked on the same grill as the eggs are fried. That keeps me sane-- of course if the place looks dicey or the initial answers seem no good -- then it's fresh turkey or a salad. But I'd say that in the last five years( who can remember before that!) NO reactions have occurred. And many burgers -- sitting with friends or family-- have been consumed. 
  Of course I'm not saying don't be safe or don't ask and look and check it out-- DO all those things -- but aslo accept the good outcome when it happens and run with it. 

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