Friday, August 16, 2013

Food Allergies & Restaurants

" Insiders Guide to Restaurant Dining," is a very good feature on the FARE website ( 
  It explains exactly how to discuss your allergies with the manager; the chef; the hostess; and how to  check in and order. 
 That's  all very well and good, But what kid, what teenager--what grown-up!--wants to do all that? 
   I know it's a must, a have-to. But it's difficult-- emotionally and mentally. It means making yourself " different". Singling  yourself out. Being " special". 
 That's hard. (Of course, once done, you can go back to that restaurant and enjoy a meal. )
But the first time... Well it's the first time. Awkward. Difficult. Not pitch perfect. 
And all the while-- proverbial fingers are pointing, saying "why's he so special. " that's not a place any of us likes to be--  when it's for food allergies and not a Nobel Prize. 
 Just another reminder that keeping safe includes being " different. " Another reminder that living with food allergies takes emotional strength, character, and maturity. 

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