Sunday, March 21, 2010

There has been so much happening in the food allergy world that I see. possible peanut vaccine; possible connection to what mothers eat in the last trimester effects how allergy prone (and Asthma prone) a child is. Somehow, I feel like--always blame the mom. I am not convinced by the evidence as yet on these studies, and I wish they weren't reported until replicated. That's a lot of guilt for some --I can't even begin to feel guilty since no one knew that there might be a remote possibility of a baby's developing allergies dependent on what the mother ate.
And these studies make connections that seem too direct for the evidence the studies have uncovered. Can one really say, don't eat peanuts and your child won't be allergic? seems almost like science fiction. Like the direction it's all going in, this research, but feel the conclusions are premature.

Other than that, New York is experiencing a bit of summer--which was lovely.
Notes: LOVE the gluten, egg, dairy, nut, and sesame free bagels that ENJOY LIFE makes. They are tasty and stand up when heated (don;t have a toaster so don;t know about that)
and other winners: the Enjoy Life granola-type cereal-- nice warmed up with Rice Dream.
Still looking for good bread that is free of the Big Eight-- any ideas?

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