Wednesday, August 26, 2009

wow so much has happened in the past weeks. I finally finished my cookbook--can always add recipes but the structure and basics and intro etc are done. yay--anyone out there a publisher? haha and then I discovered herbs. For so long I'd been boring--yes boring--and then i decided to buy one of every green herb in the market and try them. OK so I don't know what to do with tarragon--it smells so sweeet. But rosemary in turkey rolls and cilantro in stuffed peppers and plain old parsely lemon and garlic heated up some nice roast chicken. I stuck a little scallion and chive in too. not as sweet as onions and kinda tangy.

school approaches and I know I will miss the easy summer cooking life. school lunches, every day and lots of food--teenagers can really eat. So I am thinking about new things to make and looking for a great thermos for soups/stews/rice and beans.
My teen's off to a dinner party--and downloaded the menu and checked ingredients and off he went. Salad and steak and lots of fun!

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